Broker Trusted Reviews 2019 is the brand of online global CFD and FX broker, Safecap established in 2008. Offering Forex Trading, CFDs Trading,Indices Crypto ETFs.
Safecap is operated by Safecap Investment Limited. Safecap Investment Limited is regulated by the Cypriot Cysec and the South African FSCA and Also Uk regulated by FCA, Australia regulated by
Australia (ASIC) and Global regulated by (FSC). Safecap Investment Limited is owned by Playtech, a gambling software development company.
This review of can cowl each the advantages and also the drawbacks, together with mercantilism fees, mobile apps and demo accounts, before closing with a final finding.

History Of :

Safecap’s came to life in 2006 and have become regulated as a forex complete in 2008. during a comparatively short area of your time, the broker has designed a dependable name. However, a part of their growth has been helped by a variety of position mercantilism partners.

The chief executive {officer|CEO|chief operating officer|corporate executive|business executive} and head office have additionally worked onerous to supply innovative technology and best client service. As a result, has won a variety of prestigious awards, including:

  • Best Broker in Customer Service Europe 2012 (Global Banking & Finance Review)
  • Best Customer Service 2012 (London Investor Show Forex)
  • Forex Provider of the Year 2017 (UK Forex Awards)
  • Best Forex Trading Platform 2017 (UK Forex Awards) includes an easy company structure. The whole is in hand and pass SafeCap Investments Limited, United Nations agency area unit the broker.
SafeCap is then associate indirect subsidiary of Playtech PLC that is listed on the London stock market. Regulations:

markets. com reviews

Markets &Trading Instruments: delivers an awfully broad vary of assets and markets to be traded:

  • Shares – provide us over 2000 shares in more than 12 markets, with a Most of all leverage of 1:5.

  • Forex – There you have got free access to over fifty currency pairs, as well as all majors pairs, minors, and exotics pairs. several of that square measure accessible 24/7, whereas spreads go as low as a pair of pips with a leverage of up to 1:30. Leverage varies by plus and regulatory region.
  • Cryptocurrency – Trader have 12 different crypto pairs to choose from, featuring Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. Maximum leverage is 1:2 for these more volatile markets.
  • Indices –Trader have access to over 25 major global indices from 40 countries, with leverage of up to 1:20.
  • ETFs – There ar over 1900 assets on the market with in more than thirty ETFs to enter trades with. most leverage is 1:10.
  • Commodities – You have access to over 15 commodities and up to 1:10 leverage.

Note does not offer any spread betting or binary options trading


The minimum deposit quantity to trade is $100. this is often a comparatively low minimum deposit, creating a pretty proposition for brand new traders with low capital.

Depsit Method:

  • Major debit & credit cards
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • PayPal


Withdrawal reviews also are positive as you’ll be able to use all equivalent strategies.
To adjust to concealing laws, withdrawals should initial be withdrawn via an equivalent methodology because of the deposit. additionally, there area unit zero prices for retreating funds.

However, there area unit minimum withdrawal requirements:

  • Credit/Debit Card – 10 USD/EUR/GBP– Time Upto 3 days
  • Neteller/Skrill – 5 USD/EUR/GBP—Upto 24 hours
  • Wire Transfer – 100 USD/EUR/GBP—Upto 3 days

Average withdrawal times vary counting on the payment methodology however ar all round the business norm of at intervals some business days.
fortuitously, this suggests if the market moves your approach and you collect on eighty pips, retreating your balance are going to be fast and simple

Commissions & Spreads: does not charge trading fees or commissions. Instead, everything is covered in the spread. As a result, spreads are relatively high in comparison with competitors. Having said that, some brokers will charge a commission as well.

Leverage: does offer leveraged trading. The amount of leverage offered to EU traders was severely limited during the summer of 2018 by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Leverage allows traders to open positions with a value in excess of their account balance. This however, does increase the risk and reward in each trade, and as such, the European regulator decided to limit the amount of leverage available to retail traders. Professional traders can still request and arrange higher leverage. also offer negative balance protection, meaning you cannot lose more than your initial deposit. This also means however, that traders must keep a healthy balance in their account, or trades may be closed if prices move against them. Stop losses are another valuable way to manage risk.

Note maximum leverage will depend on your account type and instrument. Cryptocurrencies will generally have low levels of leverage, whereas more liquid and less volatile assets such as popular forex pairs, can see leverage of up to 30:1 Trading Platforms:

MetaTrader 4 and Metatrader5: users also have the option use of the industry standard MetaTrader5 (MT5) and Metatrader4 (Mt4) system. The download for MT5 is available for Mac and PC users And Linux Users. Once you have your MetaTrader4 and Metatrader4 login details you will have access to a powerful platform that offers advanced charts and in-depth analysis. You also have a long list of custom indicators at your disposal.

On top of that, you get sophisticated real-time trading tools and rapid execution speeds. The MetaTrader system is also easy to set up and there is a wealth of resources online to support you.

Markets.Com Mobile Apps: Mobile trading app reviews are mostly positive. Firstly, there are trading apps for Android and iOS users. The app download is very quick is and on-boarding takes just a some minutes when you have your mobile login details. You still get access to the diverse product list, allowing you to speculate on everything from Oil,forex,CFD to penny stocks.

Both iOS and APK apps are also powerful and packed full of charts and technical analysis tools. You also have numerous risk management features, including:

  • Stop loss(S.L)
  • Take profit(T.P)
  • Entry limit(E.L)
  • Entry stop(E.S)

Overall, the Trading app is good, promising a straightforward transition from the desktop-based applications. Accounts Type:

Markets.Com Provide us 3 type account

  • Real Account ( This is the standard live trading account that most users sign up for its.)
  • Demo Account (The practice account is free and available for an unlimited period of time and you can take unlimitted account.)
  • Swap Free Account (Swap-Free Account Is Very useful For Muslim Comunity. This is an Islamic-friendly account that operates in line with the Islamic Sharia Principle of interest-free trading.)

Customer Support :

Best Trading

Markets.Com Customer Support services is very very good. They Provide Live Support 24/7 and Email Support.On top of that, the actual platform itself is available in 15 major languages, including:


Safety & Security:

Customer reviews highlight the extensive measures taken by to ensure clients security. In fact, there are a number of physical and technical protocols in place. These include robust firewalls, SSL technology and advanced encryption.

These measures should put prospective customers at ease that their personal data and information is safe at